Folkestone Centipede 


In the 1970’s, Folkestone Harbour was the focus of a secretive research project that led to a controversial discovery. In 2014 an international team, led by French physicist Mireille Hachette, attempted to replicate the forty-year-old project.

For two months it was possible to visit the researchers at work in their seafront research laboratory, crammed with rusting electronic equipment recovered from the original project, and view the Centipede, a mysterious apparition that the instruments intermittently detect in the sky above Folkestone.

Centipede was a collaborative project for the 2014 Folkestone Triennial Fringe by Studio A.

The research project was sponsored by the International Cryptoarchaeology Research Foundation, the INTERREG initiative of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the University of Lans.